Cara Liburan Ke Kazakhstan Ala Backpacker Menggunakan Visa Transit

Cara Liburan Ke Kazakhstan Ala Backpacker Menggunakan Visa Transit

1. Visa Turis  

Visa turis hanya diisue jika ada LOI , LOI sendiri cukup mahal (Stantours mengquote LOI untuk visa turis sebesar 150-180 USD ). Harga visa sendiri minimum 60 USD 

2. Transit Visa  

Transit visa merupakan alternatif kalau kita ga mau keluar LOI atau dalam masa transit di Kazakhstan (ex : naik pesawat dari uzbekistan ke kyrgyzstan dan punya waktu transit 24 jam di Almaty atau overland dari China ke Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan) 

syarat visa transit sendiri cukup ketat bisa diliat di jawaban dari embassy Kazakhstan di Jakarta 

"In order to obtain a transit visa, a Letter of Invitation is not required. You need to prove that you do not have touristic, business or any other purposes to visit Kazakhstan, that duration of your stay will not exceed 5 days, and that a period of stay you indicate in application is required to transit to another country.

You have to come to the Embassy for an interview, to bring your passport with a visa to the first and third country, bring copies of tickets for the whole journey. If you are about to go by a car, you are required to bring your Driving license along with documents proving ownership for the car . In case of the successful interview, you will need to pay 60 USD of consular fees. The whole procedure takes 5 working days"

contact our consular section. The number is (6221) 294-40-386. 


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